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IBM X-Architecture technology

HostTone.com is using 100% IBM eServer xSeries because they are the most advanced servers available. They offer businesses and individuals unmatched stability and scalability.

Why IBM?
  • ECC (Error Checking and Correcting)
    Memory, is a feature that continuously monitors the server's memory, and corrects errors when they happen. It prevents crashes and data loss caused by corrupted memory.

  • Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA)
    PFA is performed by a dedicated, on-board, processor which monitors the server's hardware components and alerts us to imminent failure before it happens.

  • Lightpath Diagnostics
    Lightpath Diagnostics is a LED visual alert device which informs technicians which server component (memory module, hard drive, fan, etc.) has failed. This reduces the time needed to identify and replace the faulty component.

  • RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)
    RAID speeds up data accesses by reading data over multiple drives. It also improves reliability by caching redundant copies on multiple physical drives, so that if one drive fails, the data stored on it can be accessed via the redundant copies on other drives.

  • Hot swap disk drives
    It allow us to replace failing hard drives in a RAID array without taking the server off-line!

  • The Advanced RAID Array
    designed for intensely active applications, features exceptionally fast 15000RPM disk drives and 64MB of battery-backed cache for lightning speed writes. It also has two Ultra160 channels for even more speed and reliability.

What is IBM X-Architecture technology?
X-Architecture TM technology is an evolving blueprint for IBM eServer xSeries servers that is drawn from the vast enterprise server heritage of IBM. xSeries engineers take the technologies that have already revolutionized larger IBM systems and bring them to the Intel´┐Ż-based platform. The results: industry-standard servers designed to provide enterprise-inspired power, scalability, control and service at very attractive prices.

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